You ...

I want to hold you close forever

Feel your arms around me tight

while this world keeps spinning

Gifting us day and night


I want to hold you close forever

Feel your lips upon…

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The Same ...

hold out your hand my friend 

see the blood running through our veins 

we've walked this path a 1000 times 

the love, the joy, the pain 


look me in the eyes my friend 


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Miss You ...

Well you know they say that your homes where your heart is 
i got mine living in a couple of places 
i wish they'd make that beam-me-up-scotty machine 
so i could pop over for a cup of tea 


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Lets Get Together ...

I'm outside with the flowers 

suns warm upon my back 

can hear the seagulls calling 

smell of Spring is falling 


my memory is full of colour 

my world is in your eyes 


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Life ...

with my naked soul i lay

dawn unfolds a brand new day

closed eyes hold the world at bay

while in the warmth i gratefully stay


todays clean washing blows in the breeze


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