Miss You ...

Well you know they say that your homes where your heart is 
i got mine living in a couple of places 
i wish they'd make that beam-me-up-scotty machine 
so i could pop over for a cup of tea 

i miss so many things as your day is unfolding 
like the beetroot growing bigger in your veggie garden 
and that braai you had under a big full moon 
singing in the car to your favourite tune 

All those cranking waves that you had on tuesday 
and the big fat cake that you baked on wednesday 
well if i was there then you'd have to share - 
you know i could lighten up the load that you gotta bear ! 

i wanna hold your hand when you're sad and crying 
i wanna be there when you're old and dying 
see your face when your child says mum 
be there for the struggles be there for the fun 

and all those kangaroos in the Karri forest 
and the rabbits in Rynfield eating up their carrots 
i wonder if they realise how lucky they are 
living so close to some human stars 

i guess i wanna tell you that i miss you madley 
more than pooh bear loves his yummy honey 
and even though we don't speak everyday 
i got you in my heart its where you gonna stay ... 

i'm with you on monday when you feeling blue 
with you on teusday looking for your lost shoe 
there on friday when you're ready to rock 
wishing on sunday we could turn back the clock 

i'm just in France under the same big sky 
and we'd love to have you visit if you passing by 
bring your tent, your smile , don't forget the kids 
you can come and stay no problem for a month or six 

if you haven't met fourky well you're in for a treat 
we're engaged and im inlove from my head to my feet 
he listens to my stories i can cry on his shoulder 
 says he's even gonna love me when i'm baggy and older ! 

well i hope that you are healthy and you're smiling inside 
that you're happy and you're laughing and enjoying the ride 
i think of you so often and i'll never forget 
the moments we have shared or the day that we met 

i'm sending out a squeeze across the planet today 
over mountains over seas and its coming your way 
to say hello, i miss you,  hope some day soon 
we find ourselves together singing to the moon ...